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Calvary Kids (4-6)

We offer a kids’ ministry program for ages 4-6 on Sunday mornings, though parents are welcome to keep their kids in the service if they so choose.

Our purpose for the kids’ ministry program is to provide a safe environment for children to hear and respond to the Gospel while giving parents the opportunity to worship and hear the Word of God without distraction.


What Parents Can Expect

  • The assurance that kids will be exposed to clear, relevant, applicable Gospel-centered teaching.

  • The assurance that kids will be loved, cared for, listened to, and prayed for by competent volunteers whose aim is to help them come to know Jesus, and grow as disciples of Jesus.

  • Peace of mind, knowing that all our volunteers are thoroughly screened (which includes a requisite criminal record check).


What Kids Can Expect


  • Fun!

  • The joy of being loved, cared for, listened to, and prayed for by fun, friendly, godly, competent volunteers.

  • Bible stories and teachings that help them understand the whole redemptive storyline of the Bible (it all revolves around and points to Jesus!)

  • Bible memory verses and theology questions that provide them with the basic doctrinal building blocks of our faith, to help them know what they believe and why they believe it.


Calvary Kids (3s and under)


We make sure on Sunday mornings to provide a fun space with books and toys for the 3s and under that parents are welcome to use to keep their kids “occupied” if necessary. We also try to have trusted volunteers “manning” this station whenever we’re able to recruit them.


We all know that the littles can sometimes get a bit squirmy in the service, and we want to do our best to accommodate for that.


If you’re interested in volunteering in our kids ministry please read and fill out an application form and we’ll connect with you as soon as possible: (link to kids ministry application form)

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